There are a countless amount of times you have been given the chills whilst playing a video game. It is incredible that something that we play for the purpose of entertainment (and is clearly not real) can disturb us at times. We become so immersed in the game we are playing that any dramatic instance can leave us with a feeling a bit unsettled.

I remember deciding to play Resident Evil (PS1 original) about two years ago. It was very late at night and I admittedly sh*t it after about five minutes of playing it and switched it off. I remember thinking “I’m bricking it because of some virtual zombies, that is pathetic.”….I was 29 years of age at the time.

We all have different gaming memories that stand out to us and you can probably relate a few of your own where a moment has a left you feeling chilled. Despite us all having our own opinions, WhatCulture Gaming have produced a great video of what they believe to be the top 10 video gaming moment that gave you the chills. Some of these may bring back some great and unsettling memories!

Do you agree with that top ten list? It would be great to hear your views in the comment section below or the social media page from which you reached this article.

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