Ah, the 1990s. What a time to be alive! It was a time when Oasis were last band to be both the biggest and the best in the world, when you could make a whole evening out of a trip to blockbusters, when Resident Evil would actually scare you sh**less, when the original big grey PlayStation cost more in 1995 than the PlayStation 4 does now, when radio-station pop music was actually not too bad, when Britain became cool again and when many of today’s footballing prodigy’s were nothing but glints in the milkman’s eyes. There has been a wave of nostalgia in recent years, as the youth of today wax lyrical about what a much better time the 90s were. Maybe they were, maybe they were not, but whatever anyone thinks, they will never be forgotten. Remember Friends? VHS? Nirvana? Space Jam? Of course you do! But how about the following actresses? Do you remember these names, household all in the 90s? Well let’s take a trip down memory lane and see who you remember, who you are about to remember, and what they are up to now.

Bridget Fonda. As the daughter of the legendary 60s counter-culture icon Peter Fonda – star of films such as the masterpiece Easy Rider, the drug-addled epic The Last Movie and Ulee’s Gold, for which he received a nomination for Best Actor at the Academy Awards – Bridget was a baby of Hollywood, born under the bright lights and flapping wings of the fallen angels. As with most children born into Tinsel-Town royalty, she was afforded the sort of breaks her peers would not necessarily come by. However, to say her career is the direct result of nepotism would be unfair – she is a talented actress in her own right. In the 90s, she was an A-List actress who starred in films such as Single White Woman and Quentin Tarantino’s grossly underrated classic Jackie Brown. Since then she has not been up to much. She hasn’t appeared in a film for 13 years and dedicates most of her time to property development with her super-composer husband Danny Elfman.

Clea DuVall. Always a tomboy at heart, the 40 year old actress had some big rolls in movies way back when. She appeared in films such as the Robert Rodriguez teen-space flick The Faculty, She’s All That and the Oscar nominated Girl, Interrupted. Nowadays, she has more likely to be seen on the small screen, aside from her starring role in Ben Affleck’s Argo, in shows such as American Horror Story, Bones, Heroes and – arguably her most famous TV role – in HBO’s crazy outing Carnivale. In 2016, she wrote and directed her own film The Intervention, for which she, and the film itself, received favourable reviews.

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