Teri Polo. No relation to Johnny Polo (if you get that reference, congrats, you’re as big a nerd as I am), Teri cemented her name on the metaphorical 90s walk of fame by appearing as a regular cast member on the ultra-successful TV show Northern Exposure – a show that critic John Leonard called “the best of the best television in the last 10 years.” Post-millennium, her career continued to pick up a head of steam when she appeared as Pam Focker in the films that begat the downward spiral of Bobby De Nero’s career: the Meet the Parents/Fockers series. Things have not been too peachy for Polo recently however, as in 2014 she filed for bankruptcy with debts amounting to almost a million bucks. And as George Harrison (and later Stevie Ray Vaughn) once said, “I’m the taxman, if you drive a car I’ll tax your street, and if you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat”: words I’m sure Terri Polo knows only too well.

Neve Campbell. Her name screams 1990s. Her features whisper 1990s as we remember her in 90s classics such as the Scream series, Party of Five and the 1998 sleazetastic Wild Things. Not much was seen of her since, but that all changed when she joined the show where it all began for Netflix: House of Cards, playing the part of LeAnn Harvey, a political consultant from Texas who watches on as Frank Underwood continues his Machiavellian rise to the top as President of the United States.

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