1. Dial-up Internet

I’m sorry if that sound brought back bad memories. We spent hours and hours trying to get on the Internet didn’t we? Then your brother or sister would pick up the phone and disconnect you!

2. Having to deal with huge messes like this

This was heart breaking when it happened to your favourite tape. Get a pencil and try to wind it back in

3. Trying to listen to music on the go

Portable CD players weren’t so bad if you didn’t mind your favorite song skipping eight million times before it was over. Life before the mp3 player was a tough time indeed.

4. The pain of falling off a pogostick

2d10b6b7467e371e493a5b3fd1049b6fPogo sticks were fun right? Well yes, until you flew off one of them. Ouch!

5. Bowl Haircuts

e02cda9147bb5603313a5dca11d5ddceThere is nothing more embarrassing than looking through old photos and cringing at your hair cuts. Thanks Mum!!

6. Having to come up with your own high-tech solutions, like this one

To be fair, blowing into the cartridge worked, like, 50 percent of the time.

7. When your Stretch Armstrong wasn’t as stretchy as promised

Your mom was so mad when he leaked hot pink sugar-goo from his armpits all over the new rug.

8, Trying to fit all your work on a floppy disc

Floppy-Disks-90s-supplies-photolistNothing was worse than having to cart about 50 of these round because you couldn’t fit your work on them. Kids don’t know they are born these days with 1tb+ hard drives!