5. Suikoden – PS1


Suikoden was a critically acclaimed RPG that was released in the early 90s and revolved around a story of political strife that was well ahead of its time but lacked the graphical prowess to do justice. It was another example of a game that came out too early. It sold reasonably well in Japan but not as well in Europe. And as such, European buyers will now pay a lot more for it. Boxed copies can fetch over $100 but non-boxed and you’ll have a problem shifting it. It’s a delicate tight-rope.

4. Stack Up/Robot Block – NES

source: Wikipedia

Stack Up was one of the first games to come with physical accessories to aid in the act of playing and thus it was well ahead of its time. However, because it came in a massive box full of plastic blocks and a stacking robot toy called R.O.B, that were easily lost but also vital to the playing of the game, it is now extremely rare to come by and probably not even worth searching for unless you want to splash out huge sums for it.

Complete versions of the game can get you $500 but the really big bucks come from factory sealed versions that are now so rare you can come across them at an auction for nearly $3000!!! But with so many bits and pieces, it is unlikely many still have the full set kept together anymore. Still, it’s always worth looking out for.

3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Limited Edition – PS2


The clue is in the name here. The original game was lauded and incredibly popular, and this edition was indeed limited and came with all sorts of goodies to keep the collectors happy.

With a decent value mark now of around $240, if you do have this but no longer want it, now could be the time to cash in.

It is, however, a buyer’s market for this game, as most collectors tend to get the edition first time round, so be careful when selling because it can go for just $100 at slump times. Be sure to pick your times.

2. The Beatles Rock Band – PS3/Xbox 360


The Rock Band franchise, the main competition to Guitar Hero, was huge in its heyday and sold an amazing amount of games and plastic guitar controllers to go with it. The Beatles edition was incredibly popular also, given that the Beatles are pretty much the biggest band in the history of popular music, but people rarely managed to keep the guitar controller, game and box altogether and so a complete version can generate $250. I know, it’s crazy!

If, for whatever reason, you are one of the very few people who never bothered to open this game and still have a fully sealed version lying around it could be worth an absolute fortune. Boxed versions in good condition can still get you $500.


  1. P.T. – PS4


P.T. was just a demo that was released during E3 2015 a Playable Teaser for the upcoming game Silent Hills, but a fallout between the developers making the game, Kojima and Konami, meant that the game was cancelled and thus the demo got pulled from the online Playstation Store.

As such, no physical copy of this game exists and you have to buy a whole console that still has the demo on it to get your hands on this game.

Because the value is also tied into that of selling the console as well, it often goes for around $600 but it has been known to go for well over $1000+ and the value only appears to be increasing!

It’s a shame that we will probably never see the real game. Because as any of you out there who have played the demo can attest, this could have been the scariest game of all time, if handled correctly.