What 12 EastEnders cast members look like now – who were killed off

Many characters have been killed off on Eastenders over the many years the soap has aired. We’ve chosen a dozen of them from the 2000’s to see what they look like and what they’re up to nowadays.

 Frankie Fitzgerald (Ashley Cotton, 2001)

Frankie left Eastenders in 2001 when his character stole Mark Fowlers’ motorbike and crashed it into the launderette – as his villainous father had secretly cut Mark’s brakes (not knowing his son would steal the bike).

Since Eastenders, Frankie made a success of himself by becoming a regular on children’s series Harry and Cosh as well as Sky1’s Dream Team. In more recent years, the actor has opened his own theatre academy.

 Martin Kemp (Steve Owen, 2002)

Martin’s character Steve died when he crashed his car into a barrel of petrol whilst trying to get away from Phil Mitchell who was chasing him.

After EastEnders, Martin when on to star in different dramas on ITV as well as reforming with his band, Spandau Ballet in 2009. He also went into the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2012.

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