8) Robert Shaw teased Richard Dreyfuss constantly

Universal Pictures

During the filming of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, Robert Shaw reportedly teased Dreyfuss constantly whilst on set and off it.

The pair had a frosty relationship on screen as their two characters were always bickering.

Ridiculing is something that Roy Scheider, the actor who played Amity Police Chief Martin Brody, testifies to: “Look at you, Dreyfuss,” he said in one interview, quoting Shaw. “You eat and drink and you’re fat and you’re sloppy.”

7) Robert Downey Jnr. broke Halle Berry’s Arm

Warner Bros. Pictures

On the set of 2003 psychological horror flick Gothika, Downey Jr. went a little too far and legitimately snapped his co-star’s bone, when they were shooting a scene together involving a struggle between their characters.

This resulted in the set being shut down for eight weeks whilst the former Bond girl recovered.

The two have a frosty relationship at last hearing, but whether that will hold out until death will have to be seen.

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