6) Robert De Niro ignored Cybil Shepherd

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It’s hard to imagine that many would have probably turned down Robert De Niro at the height of his career, but actor Cybill Shepherd did exactly that and found herself on the reverse of a serious blanking.

On the set of Taxi Driver De Niro made it known he wanted to take his relationship with Shepherd to a more intimate level, but found himself knocked back.

As a means of revenge, perhaps, De Niro decided that he would no longer talk to his co-star unless he was in character. The only way the two ever spoke to one another on the set of Taxi Driver was when De Niro was channelling Travis Bickle.

5) Joan Crawford added weights to annoy her Bette Davis

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The on-set mayhem that occurred on the set of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? has since become the stuff of legend. The reason for this stems from the highly-publicised feud between legendary actors Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, who infamously detested one another.

During one particular scene, which asked for Davis to drag Crawford across the floor, Joan reportedly prepared by putting weights in her pockets. This, obviously, turned the relatively simple task of pulling a human across a floor into an unnecessarily arduous task – particularly as Davis had a bad back to boot.

This wasn’t a prank that Crawford came up with to get a laugh – she genuinely wanted her co-star to suffer.

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