4) Bill Murray slating Lucy Lui

Colombia Pictures

Bill Murray played John Bosley in Charlie’s Angels, the Angels’ friend – though that “friend” part was reserved for his on-screen persona only it appears.

He and Lucy Liu were at loggerheads during the films production. Enough that on one particular occasion, the actress outright attacked him after he implied that she couldn’t act.

“Look, I will dismiss you completely if you are unprofessional and working with me,” Murray said when discussing the on-set feud.

3) James Franco beat up Tyrese Gibson

Touchstone Pictures

During filming on the relatively unknown movie, Annapolis, a young James Franco refused to pull his punches during a fight scene with Fast and Furious star, Tyrese Gibson.

According to several reports, including one from Gibson himself, Franco went full method and refused to pull his punches during any of their fight scenes, instead choosing to actually beat up his co-star.

“We’ve made up, or I tried to make up with him,” Franco later said. “Maybe I was too into that role. I don’t try to be mean to anybody on a movie.”

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