Video game fans will be aware that many developers aim to hide a number of secrets within their games to add an extra challenge for or give the game itself, an element of obscurity. That was prominent back in the day though. Nowadays, so much discussion happens online that secrets can be unveiled globally in a matter of days.

Here are some secrets from some classic games. Were you aware of them?

Final Fantasy 9’s Nero Family Sidequest

In Japan, there are a large number of strategy guides known as Ultimania which contain absolutely everything you need to know about the quests, items, developers etc. Unfortunately, these guides were never released in the West, therefore many secrets were still under wraps for years on end. The West did have guides written by BradyGames, however, they were not quite as revealing.

It wasn’t until Game FAQ Posters first noticed the quest in Ultimania which finally got tested in the USA. It must be said that the entire quest is lengthy. Players must go to the Tantalus hideout on disk 4 to meet Nero family members and complete a fight, this process is never-ending, but so much fun to uncover seeing as though none of us ever knew it existed.

Play as Master Hand in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee was released in 2001 – one of the very first launches of the Nintendo GameCube. Yet even after a whole seven years, it wasn’t until 2008 that one player uncovered a huge secret – you could actually play as a Smash Bros final boss, Masterhand.

The reason why many players were unaware of this was down to the fact that it would take some genius to uncover a set of commands on the controller. If you’re intrigued to try it yourself…here are the instructions:

1. Plug your controller into port three of the GameCube

2. Point your curser over the name field on the character and hold A and B.

3. Release A whilst still holding B, scroll down to the name entry field and press A again whilst still pressing B.

Halo 3’s Hidden Birthday Message

Bungie loves to cram its games with loads of secrets and one particular secret was never uncovered until 2014 – a whole seven years after the initial release.

This secret was a birthday message from the developer to his wife – sweet!

The only way to find out this secret is to boot up a copy of Halo 3 on Christmas Day, head to the title screen and hold down both thumbsticks. The main menu will then disappear and a large halo ring will appear. Then you’ll see the words ‘Happy Birthday Lauren’ on the screen. A little irrelevant to the game play, but something fun to discover.

Mortal Kombat’s Hidden Diagnostic Menus

The Mortal Kombat games were full of secret characters and other special methods. One particular cheat took a whopping 20 years to discover and was actually only found by hackers who were completely concentrated on cracking codes. Their discovery was that if you press the player one and two block buttons, you’ll unlock a top secret diagnostics menu. You’ll then have the power to access every fighters ending and many other quirky features.

Metroid’s “Everything” password (NARPASSWORD)

If you were a player of the original Metroid, you’ll probably remember the strict time limits you were on and the fact you never got to see the best endings were because you never finished in time. All of those long hours of trying to beat the clock, there was just one password which could have solved everything.

“NARPAS SWORD0 000000 000000” could unlock the game at the very start so that players could get the chance to see the final credits. All thanks to the internet, we can now share this fine detail with you!

Wave Race Blue Storm’s Jerkface Announcer

Wave Race: Blue Storm has a hilarious secret where you can give the main character a really sarcastic and hilarious personality. He’ll say things like “You have chosen poorly” and “If you were any good, you’d get a turbo by hitting the gas when the light turns green at the start of a race”, and “you don’t have an inferiority complex; you’re just inferior”.

In order to achieve this, you have to change a display on the Audio options menu to vertical fog, then put in a long code of button presses and then go back to start a race.

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