Goldeneye 64’s Line Mode

Nintendo convinced all players that the only codes which could be unlocked were those within the game itself. Then, button sequences were discovered to cause unlocking of a variety of cheats. One particular cheat turns the game into a music video – ‘Take on Me’ by A-Ha to be exact! How amazing is that?

Wesker’s Desk in Resident Evil 2

It turns out that someone found an interesting piece of game play despite being told numerous times there was actually nothing interesting to be found as part of Resident Evil 2. It took 50 searches to dig out a photo of Rebecca Chambers from Wesker’s desk.

Apparently this secret was uncovered in a book called Research on Biohazard 2 Final edition in Japan, but many had no idea it even existed.

LMD in Donkey Kong for Atari

Notice the letters LMD at the bottom of the screen? These were actually the initials of the developer, however it took 26 years for someone to realise that. You’d think if you were hoping to gain recognition, you’d make sure everyone knew about it!

Chris Houlihan room in Link to the Past

Zelda: A Link to the Past contains a secret room, known as the Chris Houlihan room. What’s great about this, is that when your game is about to crash, your game sends you here before it all goes wrong. This amazing discovery was found in 2004, a whole 12 years after the initial release.


Marathon Infinity’s Hangar 96

Bungie are fantastic at creating secrets within their games; even including an entire multiplayer level. One keen player actually found how to access this level through terms and coding.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent’s Seal Rescue

Through the X-box version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent’s Seal Rescue, there are a number of hidden missions where you and another player must find five seals which are imprisoned. Whilst this doesn’t sound all that weird, we’re not talking about the human Navy seals, but the animals!

The only reason this secret was discovered was down to an online video which was released by the game developers.