When it comes to nostalgia, there is so much to be nostalgic about. It seems to be that the 90s remains as a time on which so many happy times and treasured memories are formed.

It is curious that this is the case, I mean, why the 90s? Why not the 80s or 60s or 70s? Obviously waves of nostalgic love exist for those decades, but they do not exist in quite the same way as our current longing infatuation for the simplistic joy of the 90s.

The 80s had the recessions, Thatcher and the Cold War, the 70s had Vietnam, the rolling power cuts and the stranglehold of the unions. The 60s was all well and good for one street in London, but for the rest of the country, it was every bit as dull and as stuffy as the 50s. But the 90s seem to exist in our minds without the drawbacks of contemporaneous catches. It seems to be that for parts of it, and in the late 90s in particular; the world actually was a better place than it is now.

Want to know one of the reasons as to why that might be? Well you’ve only got to look at 90s TV to see the litany of babes that adorned the screen at every turn. We have stunners in the modern age now sure, but they’re a quick Google search away. If you missed Pamela Anderson on TV back then, you were screwed. You simply had to watch it.

The beauty mixed with simpler, home-spun storylines seem to resonate with audiences even today, and as such let’s look back at a simpler time, when the phrase “Netflix and chill” actually meant going on a date and trying to get to second base. Let’s have a look at the hottest actresses from the 90s, and see what they look like now.

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