Men Behaving Badly was one of the most popular and successful British sitcoms of the 90s, and starred Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey as the beer drinking, telly watching, girl-ogling lovable losers Gary Strang and Tony Smart.

The show was voted the best sitcom in the history of the BBC when the Corporation celebrated its 60th birthday, and for a generation of men in the 90s, it acted as a blueprint for how to get the beers and pizza in, sit down in front of the telly, and talk to your heart’s content about football and girls.

Either that, or go to your favourite pub with your best mate and talk b****cks for hours on end.

The show remains a cult hit, and is regularly replayed on Gold and Dave, as well as occasionally on the BBC, and allows us to view a very different time, when lad culture was the culture, as the show’s main characters, Gary and Tony acted as “a reaction against the onset of the caring, sharing ‘new man’. It appeared to revel in a politically incorrect world of booze, burps and boobs,” according to a BBC article.

Men Behaving Badly was voted the greatest sitcom in BBC history [source:]
It remains a favourite to this day with fans of comedy, but one cameo that took place in series 3, when Deborah decides to sell her flat, and Tony, who is hopelessly in love with her, tries to get her to stay by putting potential buyers off, may have gone unnoticed.

When a couple came to view the house, and Tony and Gary do their best to put them off, you might notice that one half of the couple is none other than Catherine Tate in one of her first TV appearances.

As well as having her own hugely successful sketch show, among other things, she can say that one of her first jobs was in one of the best sitcoms that Britain has ever produced.

Not a bad start!

Click on the video below to see her cameo in the hilarious scene: