It is amazing how a rumour or small mistake made by one individual can spiral and become something that is deemed as common knowledge. Only Fools and Horses has a few myths and this article is about to debunk them for you.

5. Raquel was in the first ever episode, Big Brother 

It has been touted about for years that Raquel is the unseen lady who says “Hello Del” when we first see him enter the Nags Head for the first time. If you listen, it does sound very similar to Tessa Peake-Jones but writer John Sullivan has stated that it is in fact not true and so has Tessa herself, “No I was not in the very first episode and I don’t know where that rumour has come from.”

4. Robbie Williams was an extra in the episode, Mother Natures Son 

Many fans have been asking the question to whether the guy above is Robbie Williams. Personally, I believe one fan noticed the lookalike and then rumours spread. It is not him though, John Sullivan has stated, “I’m not aware of Robbie Williams being on the set during the filming.”

3. Nicholas Lyndhurst sang the opening and ending themes to Only Fools and Horses

Not sure why this rumour ever took off. The writer John Sullivan is the voice you can hear on the theme songs.

2. The Queen’s favourite show is Only Fools and Horses

It has been put out there that the Queen loves the classic sitcom. However, when he was knighted, David Jason stated that the Queen was not entirely sure of what programmes he had been in!

1. David Jason was second choice to play Del Boy, Jim Broadbent was first 

It is true that Jim Broadbent was indeed the first choice but David Jason was the fourth choice! Enn Rietel and Bill Murray were preferred but all had other worked commitments at the time. Jason was only chosen four days before filming too!

Can you imagine if he didn’t get the part…Only Fools surely would not have been the same.