7. Velvet Hammer – MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

source: Youtube

MechWarrior was one of the first games to be released on the PlayStation way back in 1995. It was originally developed and released on DOS, and not long after, it was ported to various fifth generation consoles such as the Saga Saturn and the PlayStation, not to mention it was ported for PC users also.

The gameplay style was tweaked somewhat for home console release in order to focus more on arcade-style action, as opposed to the more tactical and problem solving style that was originally released on PC systems.

Generally, escort missions can be some of the most difficult (and not to mention most frustrating and annoying) levels on any game. Examples of escort missions that make one want to smash one’s controller off the wall are numerous, such as the escort missions in Dino Crisis 2 and Resident Evil 2, when you have to protect kids who have the most trolly and annoying AI you could think of.

The escort mission, known as Velvet Hammer, in MechWarrior 2 is no different. In fact, as escort missions go with regards to difficulty and frustration, it’s one of the worst offenders. The player takes control of a Mech, as they are called, which basically looks like a beefed up rip off of Ed 209 from RoboCop. In this mission, the player uses a Mech to escort a hover-limousine to the opera, which means that for all the hair-pulling frustration and headache inducing anger that you go through to get through this mission, it’s just to get some mush to the opera. You have to combat a number of enemies in order to protect the limousine, and the most frustrating thing about it all is how delicate the limo is. All it takes is a couple hits and you have to start the mission all over again.

Like with many difficult levels on the PlayStation, all you could really do in order to beat the level was keep playing, memorise the enemy positions and keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well. Trial and error kids, trial and error.

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