We all have things that instantly transport us back to happier and simpler moments in life, when your worst nightmare was not getting your Geography homework in on time.

Whether it be an old VHS tape, with the memories of which blanketing you in a soft downy pillow of fond reminiscences, an old game, a toy you find in the attic from your earliest years, or a simple smell or taste – the power of things, so to speak, can be the most prevailing catalyst of happiness. Not only happiness, but the bittersweet power of nostalgia.

Sometimes, you’ll encounter a random smell, and once you take it in, you’ll be instantly transported back to a time of your life that you forgot even happened. It really is incredible how a small thing like a certain smell or even a plate you found at your grandmas can fill your head with treasured memories.

Household items can be the biggest culprits of such strong feelings. And as such, let’s take a look at some every day household memories that will instantly take you back to your childhood.

9. The cutlery at your Nan’s house.

Back to the Past

Who can forget the old patterns and flowery designs on the plates at your Nan’s house? Who can forget, also, the fantastically unnecessary detail on the spoons and forks and knives at your Nan’s house?

Every time I had a meal at my Nan’s place, using a plate with an extremely detailed pattern, a knife, fork and spoon that look like they have been pinched from the cutlery draw of Louis XIV, I didn’t know whether I was on the set of Barry Lyndon, or in a time warp, as Doc Brown tells me that something has to be done about my kids.

8. Shower attachments
Just to clarify, shower attachments are still a thing, so I don’t want you to think that you are horrendously out of touch with modern decorating if you have them. What tends to take you back to your childhood with shower attachments is what they look like.

Nowadays, shower attachments are sleek and stylish, but back in the 90s, or the 80s, shower attachments tended to look like enormous catheters. Looking back, it looks weird, but nevertheless, it still warms and heart and calms the soul.

7. Old tins

You thought your dad was crazy for keeping all these old tins, you thought that all they were good for was clogging up the garage and taking up space.

But now, as you get a little bit older, you see the method behind the madness. Only now, can you appreciate why your dad kept all those old Quality Street tins, only to fill them with random stuff like nuts, bolts, screws and pliers.

You can never have too many nuts and bolts, and things of that nature, just in case something goes wrong around the house, and where at one time you might have thought it idiotic to keep tins filled with useless rubbish like that, now glad that you’re never short of anything you need, if ever you’re in a pinch or you need to re-fit a door.

Meanwhile, your dad is doing is best old prospector impression, standing in the corner with a smile as wide as the Atlantic Ocean shouting “Ya’ll laughed at me! Ya’ll laughed at me!!”

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