Here are some nostalgic moments from the hit 90s TV show that will bring the memories flooding back.

6:30pm on a Tuesday was typically around the time you’d just finished your tea and were looking at filling the time, probably avoiding homework, before bed.

All that changed on January 7 1992, when GamesMaster launched on Channel 4 and became Britain’s first show dedicated to video games.

Production of the first series took place at an East London church and introduced us to the brilliant Dominik Diamond, who loved an innuendo. We also met bandana-bound co-commentator Dave Perry and the main man himself, GamesMaster, played by the head of astronomer Sir Patrick Moore.

Without further ado, let’s take a step back in time and revel in the marvel that was GamesMaster.

9) The Consoletation Zone

This was where GamesMaster earned his corn, offering games tips and cheats to players who couldn’t just complete a game themselves.

8) Dexter Fletcher backlash

Upon Dominik refusing to return for series 3 when McDonalds became the sponsor, producers employed Dexter Fletcher. Fan weren’t keen on the replacement however and for series 4 they managed to coax Diamond to come back.

Dexter Fletcher

7) The opening credits

Whilst we have a strong nostalgic affinity for the polygons and church organ of the sequence that opened episodes from Series 1, the best GamesMaster intro belonged to Series 5, as a worse-for-wear Diamond was run over outside a kebab shop by a bus, prompting him to die on the operating table and ascend into heaven.

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