6) Dominik Diamond

The main man himself. Easily the most recognisable face – well, besides the GamesMAster of course – on the show. His x-rated jokes and deadpan deliveries were just what kids of the hit 90s tv show wanted.

Dominik Diamond

5) The sexual innuendo

The Game Boy was dubbed the ‘most pleasurable six inches of hardware money can buy’. Viewers were asked if they ‘enjoy a waggle of your joystick in the privacy of your own bedroom’.

Diamond’s x-rated comments didn’t stop there. He once offered to ‘give his angels one’ whilst holding up a phallic shaped carrot and sprouts combination, during a Christmas special – much to the amusement of viewers.

GamesMaster | Channel 4

4) The Golden Joystick

All that time in the arcade finally paid off when you took to the GamesMaster stage and destroyed your little sister on Street Fighter II. There were a lot of Brother v Sister battles on GamesMaster.

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