3) Robbie Williams bombing the rest of Take That

A dummy-sucking Robbie Williams wipes the floor with his bandmates in the brilliant battle mode of Bomberman/Dyna Blaster.

Premonition of a Take That split up? Maybe…

GamesMaster | Channel 4

2) ‘Big Mouth’ Simon Amstell appearing as a youngster

We all know who Simon Amstell is don’t we? Host of Nevermind The Buzzcocks. Yeah, him. Well here he is being exactly the same person we know him as, but a much younger self.

The footage is actually really funny to watch as the ‘big mouth’ gets a good pasting after talking himself up.

1) The Games Mistress

A nerdy show aimed as teenage boys going through puberty. The show then introduces a beautiful female presenter….

In the interests of gender equality, Series 3 introduced a Games Mistress to go along with the GamesMaster. In the interests of teenage titillation, the Games Mistress was dressed in tight leather, was played by Jet from Gladiators and uttered things such as: ‘I like nothing better than frolicking with my consoles’. 

GamesMaster | Channel 4

If this still isn’t enough to bring it all back, take a look of the first ever episode of GamesMaster by clicking on the link below.

WATCH: The First EVER Episode of GamesMaster