Challenge Anneka was one of the most popular TV shows of the 1990’s and fans have been jumping for joy that the programme is set to return to our screens to mark its 25th anniversary.

The show saw Anneka Rice take on difficult construction projects alongside her team, had to be completed within just three days. Their work was often for a charitable cause.

Appearing on This Morning yesterday, fans were shocked to see that Anneka had hardly changed and was still sporting her youthful looks.

Baffled: Anneka Rice who stole the spotlight on Wednesday, as viewers were left stunned at her youthful appearance on This MorningViewers of the show took to Twitter to reveal their shock that the well-known TV presenter hadn’t ‘aged a day’ since the original series:

One viewer commented: ‘Isn’t Anneka Rice fab! I want what’s she’s on she looks no different than she did when I was a teenager!’; whilst another said: ‘Anneka looks younger now than she did 25 yrs ago”

Discussing the anticipated return of Challenge Anneka, Anneka said: “It makes my heart swell that 25 years on we did over 60 projects and most of them still have this amazing legacy, and it’s such an interesting social history arc in how we view disability and all these different issues we tackled, and how our attitudes have changed now