15) Gladiators17 of the best 90s Gameshows

Gladiators saw members of the general public challenge elite warriors to collect points to participate in the Eliminator.

The show ran from 1992 until the year 2000 and showcased some of the most athletic bodies we’ve ever seen on TV – all in tight spandex, which made it all the better.

14) Supermarket Sweep17 of the best 90s Gameshows

Dale Winton hosted this mammoth gameshow. Every person who watched it would replicate the show when they did their weekly shop, zooming up and down the aisles grabbing their gear against a fictional clock. Or was that just my family?

From the pic ‘n’ mix counter to the the pricing gun challenge and from the bouncy bonuses to the the super-stylish pastel team jumpers – we loved everything about Dale’s Supermarket Sweep

13) The Moment of Truth17 of the best 90s Gameshows

This gameshow pitched everyday families with challenges that could change their lives. They were given a period of time to study for the challenge, before performing it live in front of a studio audience.

Cilla’s Dream Directory got everybody’s pulse racing. Bring it back!

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