12) You Bet17 of the best 90s Gameshows

Matthew Kelly hosted this gameshow, which saw celebrities and the studio audience bet on the ability of a random member of the public to perform a certain task.

The show aired on Saturday nights from 1988 until 1997, when it was replaced by Don’t Try This At Home.

11) Challenge Anneka17 of the best 90s Gameshows

Anneka Rice took on challenges which involved asking for everything for free. She would trail around the country winging it, asking for lifts and more to get to her desitnation. Fans loved it so much so that after finishing on the BBC in 1995, ITV took it on for two specials until mid-1996.

The Channel 4 show, Hunted touches upon this, with contestants evading capture by fleeing around the country for thirty days, living rough and hitching rides.


10) Don’t Try This At Home17 of the best 90s Gameshows

This adrenaline filled gameshow saw competitors perform death-defying stunts in a bid to obtain a lifetime medal.

The show ran from the mid 1990’s until 2001. Davina McCall presented the show, before she rose to fame as the face of Big Brother.

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