Adam Johnson, who was convicted of sex offences in March 2016, wants a prison transfer after being told that a jail gang is plotting to kill him.

The terrified former England star was tipped off by an inmate that he is the target of a ‘shank’ attack plan to slash his throat with a makeshift knife.

He now wants a move away from Moorland Prison where he has already spent time in the segregation unit for his own protection.

The shamed ex-Sunderland winger was moved to solitary for a spell earlier this year to avoid reprisals after he was caught on video making horrific comments about his 15 year old victim.

He is currently serving six years for sexual activity with a child but was filmed on a mobile whining to other inmates about how badly he had been treated.

And when a lag pointed out that he did not actually commit rape, he laughed: “I wish I f***ing did for six years.”

Johnson, 29, is now living in fear of his life after a fellow inmate on the sex offenders’ wing at the South Yorkshire jail told him to watch his back.

A source said: “He is in bits. The other lag was doing him a favour by tipping him off but it has left Johnson beside himself with worry.

“He has told his family and friends he is terrified for his own safety and wants to move somewhere else.

“They are really concerned about him as well.

“He doesn’t know when or how the attack will come but he was told there was a plot to slice his throat.

“He is desperate for a move from Moorland and has been talking about putting in a transfer request.”

Moorland holds around 1,000 prisoners, 340 of which being sex offenders.

Johnson was jailed last year for grooming, kissing and touching the girl, 15.

In April, The Sun revealed the six-minute video of him making comments about the girl, who was a Sunderland fan.

Johnson, who has a two-year-old daughter Ayla with ex Stacey Flounders, was sent to the segregation unit for protection.

Stacey then was pictured moving out of their mansion and into her mum’s house in Hartlepool.

The Sun

The couple have split but it is understood she still visits Johnson in jail and keeps in contact. She is said to be seeing Bolton footballer Gary Madine.