Great news for Alan Partridge fans as Steve Coogan confirms he is working on a new series

The finest man Norwich has ever produced is coming back – although he does not entirely know how quite yet.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter in a live interview, Coogan talks about his latest film, The Dinner but goes on to talk about Alan Partridge too.

The whole interview is very interesting but go to 10:23 if you want to listen solely to the Partridge bits!

Alan’s return comes after series two of Mid Morning Matters and Alan Partridge’s Scissored Isle, both of shoch were aired on Sky last year.

A surprise inspiration for Coogan’s up and coming Partridge material is the US president himself, Donald Trump. He’s “uber-Partridge” according to Steve.

“In some ways the only person on Earth who’s more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge is Donald Trump,” Steve joked. “Even Alan Partridge would think Donald Trump is a bit much.

“I thought Nigel Farage was the incarnation of Alan Partridge, a nightmare version of Alan Partridge who actually wields some power, but I would have never predicted the leader of the free world would be an uber-Partridge.”