[source: The Independent]

Brexit may be one of the most controversial and newsworthy topics of our time, but if there’s one good thing to be taken out of it, and that of course is Alan Partridge’s long-awaited return to the BBC. A-HA!

That’s right, here to unite the Leavers and the Remainers – a divide that has ended friendships, and even relationships – Alan will soon be heading back to the BBC to be the new official face and voice of Brexit.

Talking to The New European about Alan’s fate, as well as which way he voted in last year’s referendum, Steve Coogan revealed that his comeback is only possible thanks to Brexit.

“It’s conceivable, because in this age of Brexit, [the BBC] might think they need to get in touch with the ‘Little Englanders’ they ignore,” he said.

“Alan would have voted Brexit for sure. Hard Brexit, given the choice. He’s a Brexiteer because the Daily Mail told him to be.”

Revealing that a brand skanking new series is set to air on BBC Two “next spring”, the comedian also admitted that it’s “going to be tough” to match the cult success of Partridge.

“It’s always difficult to make good comedy,” he said. “You always have to work really hard at it. The standard of the comedy on Partridge is so high, that you have to match it, or people go, ‘Oh, they’ve lost it’.”

Here’s hoping that Steve Coogan is at his gold standard best, because there’s going to be “a lot” of Partridge on telly next year, apparently.

“There’s been rumours [about it],” Steve told The One Show back in June. “I’m trying to leak it to the press.”

Let the good times roll.