Amazing moment Pointless host Alexander Armstrong is a pointless answer

Pointless is a very popular gameshow on BBC, weekdays at 17:15. The show is hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, with the two often bouncing off one another with their dry humour.

Wednesday’s edition of the gameshow gave host Alexander Armstrong a shock when he himself was a pointless answer.

Contestants on the BBC quiz show were asked to name an artist who featured in the top 40 biggest-selling albums list of 2015.

One of the players asked: “Am I allowed to say Alexander Armstrong?” to which the surprised host replied: “I’d be very flattered, that is nice of you!”

He then joked: “That’s a very expensive way of flattering me.”

The host and classical singer showed shock when it turned out his name was, in fact, pointless.

As the counter began to drop, the audience laughed and then cheered when it hit zero, indicating that her answer was pointless.

Linda managed to add £250 to the prize fund and Alexander looked surprised and delighted, exclaiming: “Ah! That’s so exciting, that is a pointless answer!”

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Ht/ Express