Saturday Night Takeaway fans are in for a huge treat this weekend as there is some rather funny fancy dress antics going on!

First and foremost, they will get to see Phillip Schofield dancing around in suspenders – that is quite a shocking view in itself. However, it does not end there; Ant and Dec go that extra step further and dress up as Schofield and his glamorous co-presenter from This Morning, Holly Willoughby.

For the show’s Make ‘Em Laugh segment, Ant and Dec dress up in costume as part of a challenge in attempt to make Phil and Holly crack at least a smile.

How do Phil and Holly manage? Let’s face it, they are notorious for losing it on air at the slightest thing!

In this small clip of the instalment, the Saturday Night Takeaway hosts can be seen doing their impressions of the easily amused Holly and Phil.

While Dec is dressed up as Phil, wearing a silver wig and office-casual clothes, Ant is the one to bravely wear high heals, a blonde wig, lipstick and a dress with something very bulky underneath to resemble Holly’s boobs.

As you probably predicted, Phil and Holly are struggling to contain themselves, now there’s a surprise! It certainly does make for hilarious entertainment.

Oh, and those double entendres…..

Saturday Night Takeaway is on this evening at 7:30pm , on ITV.