His 90s hit Spaceman was the fastest selling single in the UK for over thirty years, but Babylon Zoo frontman Jas Mann looks worlds apart from how he looked back then, with shorter hair, goatee beard and geek chic glasses.

The 45-year-old has made quite the name for himself after co-founding the film production and distribution company Virgin India, after which he ditched his long hair and classic 90s rave gear for an altogether more corporate look.

It’s been a steady rise for the Dudley-born musician, whose father is of Punjabi Indian descent and his mother of Sioux descent.

Made it big: It's been a steady rise to the top for the Dudley born musician, whose father is Punjabi Indian and his mother of Sioux descent (right) 
Jas with his father

His single Spaceman, a sure fire anthem for the 90s, was from the album The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes, and was featured on a Levi’s advert in 1996, which helped it reach number one in the UK.

He said at the time: “I write about what it would feel like to be a person from another planet, rather than romanticizing science fiction.”

According to the Daily Mail, his references to space, aliens and science fiction came from feeling out of place, with him saying: “I sometimes feel like a fly in a bowl of milk.”

It’s no question that after such an enormously successful single and parent album, he had a tall order on his hands with the second album, however, while another beacon of 90s culture Oasis somehow managed to write a second album more successful than the first (though many fans contest the first album is better) Babylon Zoo’s second album, King Kong Groover, released three years later, was not as well received as their first.

According to the Daily Mail, he said of one of the tracks, All The Money’s Gone: “It’s an absolute p***-take. You would have to be a buffoon to throw away the money I earned.

From Spaceman to corporate man! Babylon Zoo frontman Jas Mann looks worlds apart from his 90s appearance with slick hair and geek chic specs as the co-founder of Virgin India

After enjoying a meteoric rise in music, he swapped his guitar for film in 2008 to become the co-chairman and CEO of the multi-million dollar Indomina Group, an independent film studio.

He also produced two instalments of the Cabin Fever franchise.