Ed Balls kicked in the head by partner on Strictly Come Dancing tour

Former Labour MP, Ed Balls got a foot to the face from dancing partner, Katya Jones during a live performance on the BBC Strictly Come Dancing tour.

The 49-year old took the full brunt of Katya’s foot when she performed a somersault, which should have ended with him catching her neatly. Instead he took it on the chin and nearly fell over, but managed to recover and the two laughed before continuing.

Ed’s iconic Gangnam Style routine, along with his unforgettable performance as The Mask during Strictly’s movie week, earned him a special place in viewers hearts. Balls may even find himself a role in a musical, showcasing off his new-found talent.

Award-winning theatre producer, Sonia Friedman (Dreamgirls, The Book of Mormon) explained that she would cast the former Shadow Chancellor “in a heartbeat”.

“If I was doing the sort of show where there was something for Ed Balls to do, I wouldn’t hesitate,” Friedman told Radio Times.

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