Gary Barlow Heartbeat 2000
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Throwback to Gary Barlow appearing in Heartbeat in the year 2000

Take That star and Let It Shine judge, Gary Barlow once made an appearance in Heartbeat and he looks completely different than how we know him today.

Making an appearance on the ITV shows 150th episode, Gary played hitch-hiker Micky Shannon, who studied music and toured the country. [Scroll down for video]

The 46-year-old singer has previously dubbed his acting on the show as “flatline” however, and revealed just why he thinks his acting wasn’t great.

“It was just offered to me. ‘Do you want to be in an episode of Heartbeat?’ I’d never done any acting, not even in school or anything before,” Gary told Live and Kicking at the time.

“I fancied filling the first year of the millennium with a few challenges. The greatest thing is my favourite character is Greengrass in it. “Every scene I do is with him, and he’s like a northern comic and has got me in stitches,” Gary explained.“I have to say though, if Bruce Willis asked me to do a movie with him, I’d probably think about it for three or four seconds and then give him an answer.”

Gary Barlow with the cast of Heartbeat | ITV
Gary Barlow with the cast of Heartbeat | ITV

Gary revealed that he used the same acting skills while shooting the video for Let Me Go. He expressed his joy at filming the TV show, having previously always “hated” making music videos.

Talking on ITV morning show, Lorraine back in 2013, Gary explained: “I have to draw on my experience from Heartbeat in the 90s.

“I don’t know why it was called Heartbeat because believe me, in my performance there wasn’t a heartbeat, it was more like flatline.”

Lulu, Martin Kemp and Gary all had guest roles in the ITV drama. Coincidentally they now all sit alongside each other to judge on Let It Shine.