Two BBC presenters got into a flirting match this morning, leaving the nation choking on their cereal as they tuned into the breakfast show.

A 1,500-foot section of plastic piping had been found washed up on a Norfolk beach, leading the two BBC Breakfast presenters Naya Munchetty and Charlie Stayt discussing what it may have been used for.

“They’re giant pipes for passing liquid through,” Charlie announced to his co-presenter.

“It’s a conventional pipe situation where there’s a hollow area in the centre and the stuff goes through it and comes out the other end.”

Naga awkwardly: “I’m very impressed by your pipe knowledge, Charlie”, before the two began giggling.

Charlie then chipped in: “If you’ve seen something bigger than that washed up on a beach,” before Naya ended on a cringeworthy note: “If you’ve seen a bigger pipe than Charlie’s…”

Viewers of the show were in hysterics over the innuendo and many took to Twitter to have their own chuckle:

One tweeted: “Think Naga is being a bit naughty about pipes #tonguencheek #BBCBreakfast.”

Whilst another joked: “If you’ve seen a bigger pipe, please send us a pic’ I pity the BBC Breakfast staffer having to sift through reader photos this morning…”

Another added: “Charlie giving a masterclass on mansplaining pipes and naughty Naga wanting to see my pipe – sublime,” tweeted another.