The BBC are never far from disaster when it comes to live broadcasts, from showing pictures of great apes instead of SNP leader Nichola Surgeon on BBC Breakfast to a mime act screaming expletives at members of the public during an interview on BBC East Midlands.

This week saw another one to the blooper reel that the Beeb will want to forget about as soon as possible.

A lady could be seen on a live broadcast with her boob out. The flashing happened on a BBC Spotlight report about the Sidmouth Folk Festival on BBC’s South West station and broadcast live at 6.30pm during peak viewing.


As a reporter spoke to revellers at the festival, a woman strolled past in the background and flashed her boob in full view of the camera. Funnily enough it was only viewers who spotted the gaffe as BBC crew simply carried on with their coverage as normal with no mention of the comical act.

Some viewers took their laughs to Twitter to comment on what they had just witnessed. One wrote:

“We were waiting for some kind of awkward apology from the newsreaders, but nothing was said,”. With another adding: “Did you notice she did it twice? On the way back as well. The cheek of it!!”