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Piers Morgan launches scathing attack on David Beckham over knighthood snub allegations

The Good Morning Britain host sent a flurry of angry tweets aimed at David Beckham after a host of the former England captain’s emails were allegedly leaked.

Football legend, David Beckham found himself on the end of a Piers Morgan rant on Friday, after a national newspaper ran a story suggesting the former England midfielder is furious about not being knighted for his charity work.

David Beckham performing for England in 2001

The Sun posted the story after emails were leaked, showing the UNICEF ambassador in a completely different light than what the general public typically see. Comments relating to Mr. Beckham not receiving a knighthood included him allegedly saying: “They’re a bunch of c**ts”

Upon reading the story on Friday evening (Feb 3rd), Piers added his personal thoughts on the matter, pointing both barrels towards Becks – who is reportedly worth a cool £280m.

Morgan wrote on Twitter: “BREAKING: Oh. My. God. RIP Brand Beckham…” (with a link to the original story).

Twitter user AmandaB_UK replied, questioning the authenticity of the report, before Morgan shot Beckham down further.

David Beckham working with Unicef
David Beckham working with Unicef

Amanda wrote: “As reported in The Sun? You give them way too much credit as a legitimate source of truth.”

Piers then responded to her saying: “It’s not a Sun scoop, it’s a major investigation into Beckham by French media. Exposes him as a total fraud.”

“Beckham’s attack on her is particularly repulsive.”

The allegations come after a dossier on the A-lister was published by L’equipe in France, and El Mundo in Spain, which included the damning correspondance, but a spokesperson for David in a statement has iterated that alleged emails were “hacked”, “doctored” and “private” from a third party server.

This didn’t stop Piers Morgan however, who continued his verbal rant about Beckham. In a third tweet, he replied to a commenter who suggested he was jealous by saying: “Nobody will be envious of David Beckham by tomorrow. They will all be sickened by him.”

Piers continued with: “I think we can forget about ‘Sir David Beckham’ ever happening.” and then followed this up by replying to another commenter, who said that Beckham is a national treasure and that he [Morgan] is a w*nker. He wrote: “Hmmm. One of those titles will definitely change by tomorrow.”

Morgan completed his barrage by offering compliment to Katherine Jenkins, who Beckham reportedly slated in his leaked emails. The former Manchester United number 7 allegedly wrote: “Katherine Jenkins OBE for what? Singing at the rugby and going to see the troops plus taking coke. F***ing joke.”

Classical star, Katherine Jenkins admitted prior to her 2013 OBE that she took drugs including cocaine and ecstasy because “curiosity got the better of me”.

Morgan raged: “Katherine Jenkins is one of the nicest, most decent people in showbusiness. Beckham’s attack on her is particularly repulsive.”

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