Bradley Walsh on Sunday Brunch | Scroll Down for Video
Bradley Walsh on Sunday Brunch | Scroll Down for Video

Bradley Walsh appeared as a guest on Sunday Brunch and viewers expressed concern that he was drunk.

The ITV daytime TV host should have been helping Tim Lovejoy & Simon Rimmer prepare sautéed mushrooms. But instead begun clowning around with food and putting on a french accent.

In the video below, Walsh can be seen inappropriately behaving with a towel (I know, it sounds ridiculous) as Rimmer (no play-on intended) is trying to present the show.

During one of Bradley’s antics on the show, Joe Lycett, a fellow guest on the show, asks:

“When was your last drink?”

To which Bradley quipped: “I’d say about 20 minutes ago”.

Some viewers took to social media, bewildered as to what was going on.

Melissa wrote on Twitter: “How hilarious is this morning! is 100% still pissed up”

Bradley Walsh and Fanny Chmelar

Walsh, who is known for clowning around on TV can often be seen in fits of laughter when hosting his own show, The Chase. There have been several moments where questions send the Londoner over the edge and filming is delayed whilst he regains his composure.

It makes for brilliant viewing and the audience love the personality he shows.

Moments that have caught attention include the famous Fanny Chmelar episode, where Bradley asks the question: In what sport does Fanny Chmelar compete for Germany?

Another, when Tim Vine played, saw Bradley Walsh almost fall on the floor. A sensible question appeared, but the answers were just too much for him to take.

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Other hilarious moments include the Ice Cream Van on a football pitch answer as well as the worst answer we’ve ever seen.