Bradley Walsh laughs during Question on The Chase
Bradley Walsh, The Chase | ITV

Bradley Walsh in hysterics after filthy question on ITV’s The Chase

The Gameshow host laughed, disrupting the show upon reading out multi-choice answers.

During Janette’s turn at taking on The Beast, a question appeared that had host, Bradley Walsh in hysterics. Upon reading the question and first two possible answers, the host couldn’t hold back his laughter and bring himself to saying the third answer.

He asked: “Which of these is a crustacean regarded as a delicacy in eastern China?”

The three answers were: “Hairy crab”, “Furry clam” and “Shaggy prawn”.

Luckily, both The Beast and Janette answered correctly with “Hairy crab”.

Social Media reacted:

One user wrote: “Bradley just burst out laughing on The Chase because of Shaggy Prawn. I love this guy”.

Another added: “As if Brad just made a rude innuendo on The Chase”.

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