Bradley Walsh after making the gaffe
Bradley Walsh after making the gaffe

The Chase is the fantastic gameshow broadcast on ITV at 5pm weekdays. Bradley Walsh presents the quizzer and is arguably the hook for the show, with his brilliant humour and never-far-from disaster persona.

In this classic episode of The Chase, Bradley is reading questions from the shows final chase, where the victorious contestants have to answer as many quick fire questions as they can to try and win the jackpot.

However Bradley made a right balls-up when asking one of the questions and sent the whole studio into rapturous laughter. Watch the superb clip below, which has never happened before or since.

Bradley Walsh made a huge gaffe on The Chase, when he said the word minge, instead of midge. The host was zipping through quick-fire questions when he mis-pronounced a word, sending the whole studio into hilarious laughter.

He asked: “What sort of creature is a biting minge”, before immediately realising and turning away with his hand covering his mouth. The word ‘minge’ is a slang description for the vagina, which is why Bradley was so appalled and embarrassed at himself. Everybody else found it incredibly hilarious though.