Bradley Walsh performed an hilarious Donald Trump impression on Tuesday’s edition of The Chase after Chaser, Anne Hegerty answered a relatively simple question wrong.

Hegerty answered “Mars” to the question “Canadian spaceman Chris Hadfield wrote the non-fiction book ‘An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on…’ what planet?”

Playing against 61-year-old contestant Carl, who chose “Earth” from the three options also including Jupiter, The Governess blushed when Walsh questioned her thought process on choosing Mars, commenting: “The clue’s in the wording,”.

Anne cut-in saying: Yes, I know! Earth just seemed too easy.” Before Bradley replied stating the wording in the question as “Non-Fiction”, which Anne then explained that “Earth seemed too easy and obvious”.

Bradley fumed: “It can’t be FACT if it’s Mars or Jupiter can it? How can it possibly be FACT?”

The Governess began to respond, saying “It need not be about actual life,” before the 56-year old host cut-in with a Donald Trump impression raging: “WRONG!”, generating a giggle from the studio audience.