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Bradley Walsh is a fantastic TV host who presents ITV’s The Chase. He is, however, prone to a laughing fit every now and again.

On this particular episode, Walsh is hosting Tim Vine, who is a well respected comedian and actor. The Chaser is Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett and the first question that comes out of the bank is:

What is the cartoon character Andy Capp known as in Germany?

What ensues is outright hilarity. Watch the video below and enjoy one of the most ridiculous moments EVER on The Chase!

The Chase Explained

The Chase is an ITV Quiz Show, which broadcasts at 5pm weekdays. Bradley Walsh is the host and is joined by four contestants who each have the chance to win a select amount of money.

Standing in their way is the ‘chaser’, who is a quizzing genius. Each contestant has one minute to answer as many questions as they can in a cash-builder, banking £1000 per correct answer.

Once they complete the timed test, they then face the Chaser. They will be offered a large cash incentive to move one step closer (making it harder), or a lower cash sum to move one step further away (making it easier). The money the contestant earned in the cash-builder will sit in-between the higher and lower offer and then will be given the choice of three sums to play for.


If the contestant chooses to move one step closer to the chaser, they will be required to answer six correct answers to go through to the next round. If the contestant chooses to stay where they are it’s 5 answer and if they move one step further away, it’s 4.

Each contestant is given a choice of three answers to each question. If they are right and the chaser is wrong, they move one step further away, opening a gap for an incorrect answer. If the chaser catches the player, they are out of the game and their money is lost.

The final round, known as the ‘Final Chase’ sees all of the winning contestants battle, against a 2-minute clock, to answer as many questions as possible. Once they complete this, the Chaser will return and do the same. If the Chaser answers incorrectly, the team can push them back one step if they know the answer.

At the end of the two minutes, if the Chaser hasn’t yet caught the contestants, they win their banked prize money to split between them. If they chaser catches the contestants, they lose everything and the game is over.