Bradley Wiggins on The Jump
Sir Bradley Wiggins on The Jump

Sir Bradley Wiggins with foul-mouthed slip-up LIVE on The Jump whilst having dig at the Daily Mail

The former cycling star gave a little more than expected, when quipping about the British newspaper

Davina McCall asked the Olympic cyclist why he was competing on the dangerous series, which has thrown many question marks over the contestants commitments to their athletics careers. [Scroll down for video]

Cheeky Bradley simply replied: “Why not?”, before adding: “To p*ss The Daily Mail off innit really.” 

Shocked: Davina apologises for Sir Bradley's language
Shocked: Davina apologises for Sir Bradley’s language

Davina was stopped in her tracks by the taboo phrase, especially as it was pre-watershed.

The experienced presenter quickly noted: “We’re not allowed to say that word at this time of the evening, so we apologise for Bradley there.”

To which Bradley added “No sorry, sorry for the language!”

Viewers were left both amused and shocked over the rude phrase. 

One person tweeted: “Bradley Wiggins has been on air 30 seconds and swore already #TheJump”. 

A second account put: “Potty mouth Sir Bradley Wiggins, ”tis only 7.30!’ #TheJump”. 

“As if Sir Bradley Wiggins just said p**s at half 7 on a Sunday evening on live TV #TheJump,” a third user commented. 

Another person said: “Man like Bradley Wiggins swearing pre-watershed!” 

A fifth account commented: “#TheJump f**k sake Bradley what kind of language ist that!”

While a sixth user joked: “Bradley Wiggins swearing at half 7 on national TV! Absolutely superb #TheJump”. 

Bradley’s journey on The Jump was thrown into jeopardy last week, just before the show was aired, when he suffered an injury to his foot whilst on the slopes. 

Taking to Instagram, the 36-year-old uploaded a photograph of himself having his ankle and foot wrapped in bandages to his 314K followers. 

He captioned it with: “The show must go on #TheJump” followed by a fist pump and a Union Jack emoji.