Mass Brawl Football

Football match abandoned following mass free-for-all brawl

A football fixture in Uruguay had to be abandoned after a mass brawl broke out on the pitch. The match between non-league teams Conventos and Boca Junior had to be stopped following the punch-up. [Scroll down for Video] 

Incredible footage has been released after a brawl saw the fixture scrapped by the referee. The video begins with players surrounding the man in charge after he makes a controversial decision.

Watch as number thirteen in the orange jersey points his finger towards the referee, before head-butting an opposing player who tries to break up the tension. This leads to the fight that ensues.

Even the referee joins in as the two teams begin to punch one another, whilst the number thirteen in orange pursues the player he head butt. He ends up being floored and set on by the opposing number thirteen.

At this point the orange number two spots a cheeky whack, which he doesn’t like. He follows the lad towards the camera in a vicious rage before another player performs a scissor kick.

Upon things calming down and the police arriving, the fixture is abandoned. Both teams head down the tunnel, with the team in blue jeered and the home team clapped.