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Brendan O’Caroll, the comedian behind the much-loved Mrs Brown character, has announced who will replace Rory Cowan on the show.

After Cowan’s departure from the comedy was announced, O’Carroll praised to the actor who had played Agnes’ son Rory on stage and screen for 26 years.

“To all of us it feels like Ronaldo ­leaving Man Utd. But Ronaldo went on to amazing success which I know Rory will too,” he told The Irish Sun.

“I can’t even quantify the ­contribution Rory has made to our success and the wellbeing of me and my family, not just on screen or stage but way before that as a friend and a driving force in getting us here. He’s a legend.”

Rory Cowan revealed to the Irish Mirror why he quit the show that made him famous on Sunday night, saying he was “bored” and touring was like being in the “civil service.”

Cowan told the Mirror: “There was no row with Brendan, there was no dispute over money or anything – in fact quite the opposite. I got so well paid it enabled me to be able to leave. We’re so big now that years are scheduled out. It’s not exhausting, it’s just boring.”

He added: “It can’t get any bigger now and just knowing what you were going to be doing, it was starting to get a bit like the civil service. It was becoming a chore for me, doing the same thing… For the first time in years I feel alive.”

And now, Brendan O’Carroll has announced that Rory’s replacement on the hit show will be Pat “Pepsi” Shields.

It’s only been four days since Rory Cowan took his final bow at the O2 Arena London after 26 years working with his cast mates.

In his official statement, Brendan said: “For the four remaining venues in November and December the role will be played by Pat “Pepsi” Shields who played Rory before Rory made it his own.”

Pat “Pepsi” Shields will take over from Rory Cowan [Wizzley]
He quipped: “Following plastic surgery the new Rory will be unveiled on Christmas day in the Christmas special.”

Pepsi first joined Mrs Brown’s Boys’ for a radio drama 26 years ago and rejoined Brendan on the stage in The Course.

He then starred in Mrs Brown’s Boys’ series for plays and most recently as Father Quinn.

He’s best known for his role as Mark Brown, the good son in the Brown family.