This Morning is great for generating hype for fans of TV shows and movies with their live interviews, but occasionally it reveals more than the interviewee expects and can often lead to them spilling the beans on important plot twists.

Today’s edition of the hit ITV magazine show did just that when Broadchurch actor Mark Bazeley let a little something slip on the show that could confirm a popular fan theory about ‘whodunnit?’.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Bazeley referred to the person or persons” who are guilty – potentially backing up the idea that there was more than one person responsible for Trish’s assault.

Twitter has been awash with suggestions that the assault was orchestrated by more than one person and specifically that Tom Miller and his friend Michael, the son of Clive Lucas, who is also implicated, could be responsible.

Appearing on This Morning to discuss Broadchurch, which airs tonight on ITV 1 at 9pm, Ruth asked Mark if the actors were all kept in the dark about the plot.

He said: “I think the person, persons who it is who’ve done this are forewarned simply because of the nature of the show it’s about how its going to be received by you as an actor.”

The comments lead fans to believe further that their theory of Tom Miller and his friend may be responsible. Some wrote on our Facebook page back in March that they believe Tom is involved.


Other social media users took to Twitter to discuss Mark’s comments on This Morning.

Kez wrote: “I’ll feel so sick if it’s Miller’s son Tom or his friend who raped Trish and recorded it. But it is #broadchurch we’re watching”

Lenny Henry (Ed Burnett) previously appeared on the show, but he was adamant he didn’t know who the attacker or attackers were.

Charlie Higson, who plays Trish’s husband in the show told Good Morning Britain: “Those who needed to know were told in advance.”


Each new development has us on the edge of our seats and clock watching for the next episode to air.

The penultimate episode airs tonight at 9pm on ITV 1, with the series finale a week today.