ITV Broadchurch
ITV Broadchurch

The final ever episode of mystery-drama Broadchurch aired on Monday night, as the attacker of Trish Winterman finally came to light

Millions tuned in to witness the story unfold as D.S. Miller and D.I. Hardy finally uncovered who raped Trish.

Series writer Chris Chibnall admitted he hadn’t informed the cast members on how the series would conclude, so that all loose ends could be concealed until the dramatic finale.

The main suspects included Trish’s husband (from whom she split) Ian Winterman, her best friend’s husband Jim Atwood, her boss Ed Burnett, the local cab driver Clive Lucas and also the manager of a rope and twine store Leo Humphries.

Other characters dipped in and out of the show, keeping fans on the edge of their seats and giving little away to keep the mystery of whodunnit? a secret right until the very last episode.

Series 3 of Broadchurch will also be the last, with Chibnall confirming production ceasing on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“That is it and there will be no more after this one, absolutely,” he said, discussing the “emotional” third and final series. 

“It’s been an extraordinary journey with the show it has taken us all by surprise.”


Chibnall has previously admitted to doubts about whether he’d made the right decision, telling the Radio Times: “It’s hard to say goodbye. I’ve asked myself, ‘Why am I walking away from the two best actors in the country?’”

Fans showed disappointment at the news after the popular series returned in 2017, following on from Miller and Hardy failing to jail Joe Miller in series 2, who murdered Danny Lattimer.

One viewer wrote “I can’t believe Broadchurch finishes for good tomorrow”.

Chris Chibnall himself was in tears when writing the final episode. “Sitting down to watch the final episode was very emotional. Hopefully there are some surprises. I think there is a sense of completion”.

The final episode of the series revealed that the culprits were Leo Humphries and Michael Lucas, with Humphries grooming the teenager into the attack, which he made clear he didn’t want to do – but was pressured to by ‘friend’ Leo.

Leo Humphries | ITV

However not all viewers watching thought the ending was as incredible as others, noting that Mark Latimer – father of murdered schoolboy Danny in series 1 – was left alone and could be seen driving off into the countryside with no notable destination.

The Latimer family were a sub-focus in the series, with fans eager to know how they’re dealing with life post-Danny and many sympathised with Mark as much as they did with Trish Winterman.

Fans took to social media to express their dismay at the conclusion of Broadchurch, which left both a smile on the face after finding out whodunnit?, but also frown after seeing the Latimer family fall apart after such a loss in both series 1 and 2.

How did you find Broadchurch series 3 finale, was it wholly satisfying to find out the attacker, or were you left more saddened to see the outcome for Mark and Beth Latimer’s relationship?

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