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Broadchurch returned for a third series and fans loved it

The Dorset based detective drama returned on ITV 1 tonight for a third and reportedly final series.

David Tennant, 45, and Olivia Colman, 43, reprised their roles as DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller respectively to investigate the sexual assault of Trish Winterman – played by Julie Hesmondhalgh, 47.

Broadchurch last aired in 2015 in what fans believed to be the final series as the trial of Danny Lattimer played out, with Joe Miller walking free at the end.

Characters from series 1 and 2 return for Broadchurch series 3 | Image Credit: Mirror

In series one, Broadchurch took the nation by storm as Hardy and Miller were called in to investigate the disappearance and subsequent murder of 11-year-old Danny Lattimer. At the end of the first series we learned who the cold-hearted killer was, but in the second series he walked away scot-free to the combined shock of all its viewers.

Hardy left Broadchurch after the court case, but in the series finale he is seen in a taxi with the driver asking “where to”, before ending, leaving viewers wanting more.

Take a look at the story so far below in case you’ve gaps in your Broadchurch memory.

Fans shared their thoughts on the first episode of the mystery drama on social media with many loving the return of the iconic west bay cliff face.

Broadchurch returns to ITV 1 on Monday at 9pm