The latest episode of ITV’s Broadchurch delivered a moving denouement, as we tragically said goodbye to Mark Latimer.

In what we believe to be his final appearance (see below for a fan theory on this) actor Andrew Buchan went out in a blaze of glory, as Mark finally tracked down and confronted the killer of his son – and it was SOME performance too.

But whilst the Danny Latimer-murder plot might have finally been laid to rest, the investigation into Trish’s assault ploughs on, with some intriguing developments.

1. It’s looking a little TOO obvious that Ed did it. But is that the twist?

We’ve still two episodes to go after number 6 – surely we can’t have the answer already? Is shopkeeper Ed Burnett really Trish’s attacker?

Yes, he is slightly obsessed — that is a lot of photos he has of her on his phone. And he’s slept in his car outside her house 10 nights in a row.

Also he may well have beaten up his wife, but there’s bound to be some other reason why his mud-stained suit had twine in the pockets.

2. Ed Burnett doesn’t drink – Have the investigation team forgotten about this?

As revealed early on, Ed does not drink alcohol and has disclosed this to D.I. Hardy and D.S. Miller, but two of the victims have stated that they could smell either vodka or cheap spirits. Is this a curve ball by writers or had he been drinking?

Ed Burnett | ITV

3. Is Ed being set-up by Ian Winterman?

Why is Trish’s husband, Ian so interested in Ed Burnett’s arrest?

Ian also claims that he has previously complained about Ed harassing Trish. Either way, what with his dodgy laptop shenanigans, Mr. Winterman is looking more suspicious by the week.

4. Did Katie disclose the whole truth?

“I might put you in charge of bollockings from now on, Miller.” – amidst the death and high drama, this cracking line from D.I. Hardy after Miller’s dusting down of D.C. Katie Harford delivered some much-needed light-heartedness

But was Harford being completely honest about her interactions with her father, how much she knows and how much she’s shared with her colleagues. Was it right of Hardy and Miller to casually meet in a public place? Would more have come to light in a more formal arena? The questions are mounting up.

5. Has Jim Atwood been implicated in Trish’s attack?

Another woman has come forward about being assaulted and told Beth Latimer that, prior to the attack, her car broke down and she called for a breakdown service — which never arrived.

Jim runs a breakdown service in the area, but wants to leave Broadchurch behind and move on to pastures new with wife Cath, which is pretty darn suspicious too.

If you also remember, Cath doesn’t know where Jim was at the time of the attack.


6. Is Clive Lucas a porn baron?

After taking a hammer to her son’s phone and laptop – yes, really – Miller learns that the porn originated from Tom’s friend Michael – the son of creepy cab driver Clive Lucas.

Is Clive supplying kids with porn?

In related news, fellow creep Leo Humphries, who is quite friendly with our local taxi man, now doesn’t want to remove certain ‘materials’ from Ian Winterman’s laptop.

Are Clive, Ian and Leo part of some sort of sinister sex ring – or is this just a simple misdirection from producers to avoid the attacker being revealed too soon?

7. Where’s Aaron Mayford?

Aaron has been vacant of late, is he possibly off creeping out some more of the town’s female residents? Or fishing?

8. Why didn’t Mark have the bottle to revenge Joe?

Kiddie-killer Joe Miller gave his sob story to former-friend, Mark Latimer, the father of the boy he murdered.

Many viewers took sympathy on Joe, but at the end of the day he’s a murderer and should be made to live every second of his miserable life. Right?

Mark Latimer | ITV

Other Theories

Viewers have taken to social media to offer their theories on who the attacker is and with just two episodes left to go, somebody has to be right – or are the writers hiding something VERY deceptive.

Take a look at some of them below. One of them tells quite an interesting tale of what Mark Latimer was up to. Do you agree with any?

The Vicar?!

Could Cath be conning us all?

Miller’s son?!

The two below seem plausible…

Is there still a link to the first ever series?

Broadchurch is even making people suspect themselves!