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Monday night’s episode of Broadchurch once again asked more questions that it answered, but with just one more episode left, two fans have shared a theory that may have cracked the case.

While many on Social Media have been working on the idea that one person is responsible for raping Trish Winterman, a couple of armchair-detectives have posed the theory that a group of people are responsible for the crime.

Upon Jim Atwood being called in for police questioning – and his wife Cath finding condoms in his car – one Twitter user put forward her “group attackers” theory.


They wrote: “So Jim Atwood has the same brand of condoms as well… This seems to be confirming my theory that it was a group of attackers. #Broadchurch”

To which another user replied: “Ohhhh I never thought of a group attack!! I thought he might have acted independently but now I’m swaying towards it being a group too!”

Tweeter #1 then reasoned that a group of male characters have been sharing x-rated material across their phones and computers, explaining:

“They all seem to be exchanging stuff on laptops-probably the porn they’ve recorded and maybe it’s their victims on the videos 😬#Broadchurch”

To which Tweeter #2 added: “Oh my goodness how did I not notice that either🙄🙈deffo think if its a group either Jim or the taxi driver [Clive Lucas] is the ring leader😬😬 #Broadchurch”.


The two social investigators could be on to something as when Mark Bazeley appeared on ITV’s This Morning on Monday, he revealed that “persons” may be involved, as oppose to it just being one person.

He said: “I think the person or persons who have done the deed are forewarned simply because of the nature of show.”

Broadchurch concludes on Monday with fans glued to their screens last night in a bid to work out ‘whodunnit?’, but producers have kept it a very close-nit secret and viewers will be foaming at the mouth next week when episode 8 airs.

Broadchurch returns on Monday at 9pm on ITV 1