Builder defying Health and Safety with ridiculous contraption.

It’s safe to say that the health and safety rules have been ignored somewhat on this building site.

A ladder balanced on an open door and a pallet propped up with bricks and sand is all that was needed for this brickie to get on with his work in Camberwell, London.

The builder was balanced on top of the ladder with the bucket whilst his workmate was doing his best below not to let him fall.

Techno musician Miles Davies spotted the incident as he was working nearby


PIC FROM MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: BUILDER BALANCING ON LADDERS THAT ARE BEING HELD UP ON A DOOR) These bizarre pictures show what could be the UKís most ëidioticí builder ñ as he balances ladders on an OPEN DOOR directly in front of another door that could open at any moment. The precarious set-up was caught on camera by Miles Davies, an industrial techno musician, as banging from the builder disturbed him recording music in Camberwell, London. The 33-year-old was stunned to discover the perilous arrangement that shows the builder trying to brick up an already barred window. The builder is stood on ladders laid horizontally across a rickety looking fence and an open door, yet they cross directly in the path of a second door, which if opened would send him flying. SEE MERCURY COPY

Miles spotted the builders at work in Camberwell (Picture: Mercury)_

‘It was all a bit mad really to be honest,’ he said.

‘You see these photos all the time of builders doing daft things like overreaching on ladders and so on but I thought this one really took the biscuit.’

However after Miles came back later that day the work had been completed and there was no sign of an accident so it obviously al went according to plan.

‘It is a bit of a bizarre set up for anyone to try to use a ladder as a beam to stand on instead of as a pair of actual ladders,’ he said.

‘That said, he appeared quite comfortable on the ladders using them that way.’

H/t The Metro