Byker Grove Where are they now?

Byker Grove Cast – Where are they now?

Byker Grove Acted as home to a band of angst-ridden teenagers, complete with gelled quiffs, denim jackets and popper-tracksuit joggers.

However, when the hit drama, which centred around a Newcastle youth club came to an end after 17 years in 2006, its stars wandered off into the acting wilderness.

Now, 28 years since it first broadcast on Children’s BBC, actress Lyndyann Barrass revealed that she now works in a bank call centre. We’re going to take a look at where a chosen few of the cast are today, with some stories of great prosper and others of a completely different career path.

Spuggie: Lyndyann BarrassByker Grove Where are they now?

Spuggie was one of Byker Grove’s most famous faces and starred on the show for a total of four years – six series.

However, since leaving the programme she never quite found the next big TV break.

Talking about her early introduction to fame, she previously told ITV This Morning: “You’re in a bubble… you don’t realise how big it is.”


While she continues to take on acting jobs, the single mother-of-two supplements her income by working four mornings a week at a Sunderland call centre.

She explained to The Mirror: “I’m a newly single parent with kids. I work in a bank call centre four mornings a week when the kids are in school.”

Nicola: Jill HalfpennyByker Grove Where are they now?

In the early days of Byker Grove, Nicola Dobson was a fan favourite.

After scoring soap roles in Eastenders and Coronation Street, 39-year-old Jill Halfpenny found success in Strictly Come Dancing in 2004, which led to a stint as Roxie Hart in the West End production of the musical Chicago.

And she went on to win an Olivier Award for her performance in Legally Blonde at The Savoy Theatre.

Halfpenny also starred in Kay Mellor’s six-part series In The Club alongside Hermione Norris, Katherine Parkinson, Tara Fitzgerald, Taj Atwal, Christine Bottomley, Hannah Midgley, Will Mellor and Jonathan Kerrigan.

The programme told the story of six pregnant women attending their local antenatal classes.

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