Peter Kay’s hit comedy Car Share concluded tonight on BBC One and left fans whimpering for more as John and Kayleigh sadly failed to get together.

The episode opens with John recruiting his Nan to wait in for a parcel, whilst he rushes off to collect Kayleigh before an important phone call with Chester at 9:30, however disaster strikes as Kayleigh finds herself locked in the house without any means of escape.

Upon John calling a locksmith and paying to have her released, they find the spare key under the plant pot – much to the dismay of the pair.

In their final journey from work it becomes obvious that Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) is getting restless with John’s (Peter Kay) lumpen refusal to recognise her – and his – feelings, which have blossomed during their car-sharing trips to and from the supermarket.

But after John heroically rescues her, referencing the famous scene from Rapunzel – to the background of George Michael singing Praying for Time on the omnipresent Forever FM – Kayleigh decides that enough is enough and tells John exactly how she feels.


There are some lovely moments between the pair as they verbally dance around the most important subject in their world, with John declaring “I love this”, before adding “This, us, driving, singing”. However upon Kayleigh agreeing, he dodges the elephant in the room by explaining how he can’t wait to work on the Christmas team with her.

The blonde co-worker looks visibly rejected, whilst John confusingly asks why she doesn’t look keen on working on the Christmas team, when previously she’d expressed serious interest in being on it with him. Kayleigh begins pouring her heart out by explaining “There’s other things I want as well”.

She continues, “You just said that you loved this, you loved us, but what is this? Is there an us?”

However John rebuffs her advances before explaining how he’s scared after being hurt in the past, with Charlotte, who he admits that he finished with, before adding that it still hurt him.

Upon being stuck in traffic, the pair continue to their chat, with Kayleigh boldly remarking that John isn’t bothered about how she feels about him, which perks him up somewhat to reveal that:

“I drive an extra ninety minutes out of my way, every day. Do you think I’d do that if I weren’t bothered”, before continuing to explain: “I’m no good at these sorts of things”.

Kayleigh continues to poke for a response from John as she asks if it’d be nice if they saw more of each other, but again John rebuffs her advances by cracking a sarcastic joke. He then proceeds to pull out his mobile phone, which infuriates Kayleigh to the point where she loses her train of thought.

Moments later the topic is raised once more, with Kayleigh desperate to express her true feelings as she asks John about the CD she gave to him, which he struggles to react to due to his lack of emotional awareness.

Kayleigh, frustrated, decides to end proceedings and get out of the car, whilst in heavy traffic and declares:

“I just want to be happy, I just can’t do this anymore.

I can’t waste anymore time, John. I’ve told you, I haven’t got time to waste. I’m going, I’m getting out,” to which John replies, “Getting out where?”, before Kayleigh snaps “Of your car, of your life!”

“Why?” John whimpers, leading Kayleigh to drop the biggest bombshell of the series by barking: “Because I love you, that’s why!”

After she leaves, the heart breaking moment of the episode rears its head as Forever FM broadcast John’s message to Kayleigh, which explains why he was using his mobile phone, but it’s too late, she’s gone.

The blonde hails a stationary cab and gets in, leaving John to come to her rescue and kiss her whilst laying her over his forearm, but that turns out to be just a fantasy and the episode concludes with Kayleigh drifting off into the distance, never to be seen again.

Fans of the show were in pieces as it concluded, declaring how sad it was and how upsetting it is to see the pair fail to become an item.

Car Share will continue to be available on BBC iPlayer for a limited time, be sure to check it out if you haven’t already seen the full series.