Matt and Cara Lynam | Image: Mail

A couple from Abergele have revealed the story behind their flourishing relationship and eventual marriage – and how watching Peter Kay’s Car Share reminded them so much of themselves.

Fans of Peter Kay’s Car Share are desperately waiting to find out if their favourite comedy workmates will become an item in the concluding episode of the second series next week.

But one Welsh couple know exactly the happy ending they’d like to see – because they are a real-life car share love story.

Cara and Matt Lynam, from Abergele in North Wales, fell for each other after he spotted her waiting for a bus near his office and offered to drive her home.

The pair clicked on every level and, after 18 months of pick-ups and drop-offs – like Car Share’s John and Kayleigh – they realised their friendship had grown into much more.

Speaking in an interview, Cara explained: “We worked in offices next to each other in Bodelwyddan, but the journey was only about four miles, so it took 10-15 minutes in the car.

Matt and Cara Lynam | Image: Daily Mirror

“I always wished we’d get stuck in traffic and it would take a bit longer, and towards 4.30pm every afternoon it was nice knowing I didn’t have long to wait before I’d be getting in the car with Matt for a chinwag.

“I just found myself looking forward more and more to that journey home so I could spend time with him.”

Council officer Cara, 33, was still living at home when she met Matt back in 2004.

An article by the Mirror reports that Matt’s mum and dad managed the local pub, but they’d never chatted until he plucked up the courage after spotting her at the bus stop outside their adjoining offices.

Cara explained: “I recognised him from the pub and one day I was having a drink and he came over, said he’d noticed me waiting for the bus every night and asked if I’d like him to start giving me a lift home.

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson in Car Share series 1
Peter Kay and Sian Gibson in Car Share series 1

“I said OK, although I was really nervous the first time, stood outside waiting thinking ‘oh God, what happens if we’ve got nothing to say to each other?’

“But we just hit it off naturally straight away, we liked the same things and it was really nice, although I wouldn’t let him drop me off at home at first because I thought if my mum saw a boy dropping me off I’d never hear the end of it!”

38-year-old Matt admits he had been trying to pluck up the courage to ask Cara out but he was quite shy and wasn’t sure what her reply would be.

“I definitely fancied him straight away and we were both single at the time, but even though we did actually go on one date, in about 2006, I just wasn’t ready to cross the line of being more than friends.”, Cara said.
The pair stayed just close car-sharing friends for 18 months, telling each other their day’s ups and downs.

“We never had a single row in 18 months, we just got on, and I think we learned about each other so we just automatically knew how the other was feeling.”

The couple married in 2011 | Image: Mirror

It wasn’t until Cara went travelling, then came back and moved jobs that their car share routine ended and the couple realised just how much they meant to each other.

She said: “While I was away I really missed him. Once I got home I remember being invited to a party and seeing him chatting to someone else and I got really jealous.

“I realised I needed to tell him how I felt,” she recounted. “I couldn’t pluck up the courage to tell him face to face so I sent him a text saying ‘I really like you.’

“He rang me back but I’d had a bit to drink and had fallen asleep so I woke up the next morning to a text that said ‘did you mean what you said?’ I just replied ‘yes’, he phoned me, we went on another date and that was it.”

The couple began dating and eventually married in 2011. 6 years on they now have two little boys, three-year-old Rhion and Ioan who is 12 weeks old.

Cara says she couldn’t believe the similarities when Car Share came on BBC1, and the romance storyline has got more familiar with each episode.

She said: “I think that’s why I love the programme, because it reminds me so much of what we were like.

“When it first started I really thought, this is us. We even had a car sharing album we used to listen to all the time, although ours was The Killers not Now That’s What I Call Music 48!”

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Peter Kay’s Car Share continues on BBC One on Tuesday at 9pm